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Increase your saving by including a battery system to your package.

Vic Rebates

Solar and Battery systems are more affordable than ever before with the victorian rebates.

peninsula south east solar battery victoria

Looking for something basic?

Have a large area roof with no restriction and don't want to get over sold? let us talk about your options for basic string systems and inverters

peninsula south east solar battery victoria

Need something a little more specialised?

If you have limited roof space, or shading issues lets see what we can do to give you the most optimised system for your homes restrictions.

peninsula south east solar battery victoria

How about adding a battery?

looking to add a battery to your new or existing system? lets have a chat today and see what works best for you.

Where Do We Do It?

Peninsula South East Solar doesn’t only service the areas of our name but also all the metropolitan and regional areas of Victoria lets have a chat about your location and see how we can make it work for you.

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peninsula south east solar battery victoria
peninsula south east solar battery victoria

Need help in choosing the right solar system,
our free advice with no obligation is what you maybe looking for?

Even if you are unsure and wish to have a bit of insight on how to purchase the right system without any obligation to buy from us, we are always here to help, the reason behind this not to create a sale but to create value to the victorian community in making the best-informed decision.

Our goal is to help Victoria reach the 100% renewable energy target, either directly through us or indirectly by helping you make the best decision through another retailer. That’s why we are always welcome to help.

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